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 Other Male Characters

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PostSubject: Other Male Characters   Other Male Characters I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 3:50 am

Soichiro Yagami :Light's father: (green)

Hirokazu Ukita :killed by misa when he tries to stop broadcast with second kira: (CC6600)

Kanzo Mogi :poses as misa amane's manager: (FF6600)

Shuichi Aizawa :detective with afro: (993333)

Watari (white)

Yotsuba Group:

Kyosuke Higuchi :takes over as Kira: (669999)

Shingo Mido :brown hair with glasses: (FFFF99)

Reiji Namikawa :sexy man with long-hair: (660099)

Eiichi Takahashi :long blonde hair, goatee thing: (CC9900)

Suguru Shimura :brown haired guy with Mido & Namikawa: (0099FF)

Masahiko Kida :brown hair with sunglasses: (66CC66)

Takeshi Ooi :bald guy: (olive)

Arayoshi Hatori :guy who dies because of Kira (Higuchi): (9933FF)

Minor Characters:

Aiber :con man for L.: (FFCCFF)

Raye Penber :FBI agent who Kira kills: (00CC99)
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Other Male Characters
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